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Focus on your area of genius!
We'll take care of the technical stuff.

Customized IT Solutions

You're an expert at what you do. We've got you covered on the rest.
From small business basics, to large scale IT projects - we do it.

Do you need an experienced Agile Project Manager for that next big IT project?

Do you need help figuring out what business processes to automate?

Do you need help deciding what IT solutions to tackle next?

Do you need help developing an App, or creating an API?

We can help.

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Our Agile IT Project Management Approach starts gathering requirements immediately. We start delivering solutions in as little as a few weeks, not months or years.


We build our solutions on Enterprise servers that scale with your needs. Never slow down or crash because you grew too much too fast.

24/7 Support

Our systems have 99.9% uptime with staff who are always monitoring our systems, as well as support models to support your users during the day. 

Custom Professional Services

We are a 1099 small business consultant with focus in technology solutions.
Based in Fort Wayne Indiana our primary focus is Midwest clients,
but 2020 opened up a world of remote collaboration.

We have professional services packages to fit businesses of every size.
Here are some of our common areas of focus.


Project Management

Every Project needs proper planning. Let us help manage your next big step and insure success. 


Business Intelligence

Data is a gift! Let us how you how to put your gifts to use. We have been performing Business Analysis and uncovering trends for over a decade..


Financial Planning

Math stinks.. It's ok.
Let us help give you the tools to analyze your operating costs and revenues to improve your financial goal outcomes.


Custom IT

We are experts at building custom solutions, SaaS (Software as a Service), automation, and API to suit your needs.


Business Planning

Looking to startup a business? Need a solid business plan to attract investors or apply for an SBA Business Loan? Need a roadmap for your next big steps? Let us help create the plan.


API Solutions

Whether you need to create an API to connect multiple systems, or allow your users easy access, our API development experts can help create beautiful simple custom API integrations.

About Impact

CEO / Founder Brent Augustus was a pioneer in Business Intelligence and Analytics before there was even a buzz word for it. 15 years ago he started working in data science at Overstock.com using customer purchase data to improve sales effectiveness. He has since helped to grow data science into what it is today. Not only evangelizing the benefits of Business intelligence, but leading seminars in business intelligence and leading professional services engagements to help companies, like yours, achieve their goals.

"There are two philosophies that drive me;
Do something meaningful or don't bother.

Data is a gift, use it!"

-Brent Augustus, Founder-

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