CEO / Founder Brent Augustus was a pioneer in Business Intelligence and Analytics before there was even a buzz word for it. 15 years ago he started working in data science at Overstock.com using customer purchase data to improve sales effectiveness. He has since helped to grow data science into what it is today. He has not only evangelized the benefits of business intelligence, but has lead seminars, and certification events in business intelligence and leading professional services engagements to help companies, like yours, achieve their goals.

"There are two philosophies that drive me;
Do something meaningful or don't bother.

Data is a gift, use it!"

-Brent Augustus, Founder-

Our Story

I have been consulting since I was 16. I remember my dad driving me to Payson Utah to sit in a conference room at Brain Garden to to consult on network and data transfer limitations. When I was 17 I was IT Manager on contract for Countrywide Home Loans. Helping organizations use technology and information more effectively has been at the center of my career for more than twenty years. It was only natural as I worked with talented individuals with a like passion that we would start a more formal practice to offer business solutions to clients. Here we are, doing just that!

Next Steps...

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