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About Us

IMPACT Professional Services is based in the Midwest, near Fort Wayne Indiana, providing professional services all over the country. For a decade founder Brent Augustus consulted with companies of all sizes on how to utilize technology to solve problems and automated tasks to increase accuracy and reduce labor fatigue.

"I am passionate about technology, it is what gets me excited. I love finding solutions to complex problems, or gathering requirements and helping companies build new custom solutions for problems they couldn't find an answer for!"

Brent started consulting in IT when he was 14, developing custom computer applications and websites for clients around the Salt Lake Valley. Pretty soon he was a Solutions Engineer for MicroSoft working on Wireless Networking and XBox. Since then he has consulted as a Business Intelligence Analyst since before there was a buzz word for it, and has been sharing that passion for technology for over 20 years.

IMPACT is all about helping companies use existing data to lead them to better outcomes and successes. Work smarter, not harder!