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On-Site Local Photography and Video

When it comes to digital content, originality matters! Small businesses often find the need for compelling media to market products or introduce themselves to their customers. Enter On-Site Location Media – a powerful practice that involves using locally produced and captured visuals. Many businesses fail to grasp the transformative power that publishing original content can bring to their brand or company.


We are more than just someone with a camera on a phone, more than just a photographer. Anyone can download a bunch of stock images on Google. When you see pictures that are obviously taken in Downtown Fort Wayne, or South Bend, or Carmel, you recognize it and you feel a connection to the brand, you feel their connection to your community. It is as important as having good images of your products. Our founder, Brent Augustus is a seasoned artist and photographer, who works with other photographers in the region to ensure our images are visually engaging and on-brand!


Consider Location Media as providing the key to unlocking your brand connection to the community. Whether it's images or videos, the impact of using original, locally sourced content is profound. Imagine search engines as vast libraries of visual and written information. When your business uses original images, it's like having a unique book cover in that library – easily recognizable and recommended for its originality and connecting brand value.


Can It Help My Business Grow?

IMPACT, through its On-Site Location Media approach, strategically targets your customer base to attract viewers who are more likely to convert into loyal customers. With the power of on-site local location media, we create and publish exclusive content tailored to your brand, showcasing your website, your brick and mortar business, and your team that live and play in your local community. From pre-production to editing, our team takes care of every aspect, ensuring that your business connects with your customers.

Key Value Areas


1. Brand & Loyalty: Elevate Your Brand, Build Trust & Loyalty

In the competitive landscape, building a strong brand is synonymous with cultivating customer loyalty. IMPACT's On-Site Location Media services go beyond just a picture; they create a narrative that resonates with your audience. By showcasing the essence of your brand through captivating images and videos, we help you establish an emotional connection with customers. This emotional bond transforms one-time buyers into loyal advocates, ensuring that your brand becomes a trusted choice in their hearts and minds.

2. Online Reputation & Reviews: Shape a Positive Digital Identity

Your online reputation is a vital asset in the digital age. Googling a business is one of the first things ever done. IMPACT understands the significance of positive reviews and a sterling digital identity. Our Location Media services not only capture the essence of your business but also encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experiences. By strategically highlighting testimonials, product reviews, and engaging content, we contribute to shaping a positive online reputation. This, in turn, attracts more customers, instills confidence, and establishes your business as a reputable authority in your industry.

3. Promotional Marketing: Drive Sales with Impactful Campaigns

Promotional marketing is a catalyst for driving sales and boosting brand visibility. IMPACT's On-Site Media services empower your promotional campaigns with visually stunning content. Whether it's exclusive product launches, limited-time offers, or seasonal promotions, our media captures attention and communicates your message effectively. By integrating compelling visuals into your promotional strategies, we not only attract potential customers but also convert leads into sales. Let IMPACT be the driving force behind your promotional marketing success, turning every campaign into a revenue-generating opportunity.


Our Photographers and Video Team are Artists

IMPACT houses a dedicated team of artistic visionaries, passionate about crafting visuals. Our mid-west, Indiana-based, photography and video team are not just content creators; they are artists committed to capturing the essence of small businesses and narrating their unique culture and story. Whether it's heartfelt testimonials, compelling product reviews, in-depth biographical profiles, comprehensive company snapshots, visually appealing design content, engaging social media marketing visuals, employee spotlights, or dynamic promotional campaigns – our team of passionate artists is ready to bring your vision to life.


If your small business craves media that goes beyond the ordinary, engaging customers, driving revenue, and introducing new products with a creative flair, IMPACT is your artistic partner. Our On-Site Location Media services encompass every aspect necessary to transform your marketing endeavors into captivating success stories.


Reach out to IMPACT today and let our passionate team deliver the impactful content your small business truly deserves.

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