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Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Unleashes Business Growth

In the dynamic digital landscape, platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and YouTube wield the power of paid advertising to drive business revenue. While IMPACT excels in growing businesses organically through SEO, the reality remains – Google alone is set to generate over $100 billion from paid ads this year, with other platforms reporting revenue in the billions. Seizing the potential within paid media campaigns is the key, but for many small businesses, it poses a daunting challenge.


Navigating the Maze of Paid Advertising

Many businesses delve into paid advertising with good intentions but often find themselves grappling with a crucial problem – inconsistency. The digital realm offers vast opportunities, but without a targeted strategy and consistent on-brand posting, businesses risk wasting resources on ineffective campaigns. The question looms: Which paid advertising is truly most effective? Which yields profitable revenue, and which leads to losses? This is where small businesses need guidance, and IMPACT is here to provide just that.


The Truth: Almost Any Paid Search Can Be Profitable with Strategic Consistency

Snipers aren't effective because they spray the battle field with 10,000 rounds. They spend the time and care to place a few strategic rounds where they will matter most!

Crafting a well-structured, consistently managed daily campaign can yield significant results for businesses. However, the 80-20 rule prevails, with 80% of results stemming from 20% of advertising efforts. The challenge lies in identifying that crucial 20% and improving upon it. IMPACT believes in a different approach – one that involves setting specific goals, crafting a strategy tailored to your brand, and targeting a specific geographic area, such as Fort Wayne, South Bend, Chicago, etc. It's not about buying ads based on a budget; it's about marketing based on well-defined goals while being mindful of your budget constraints.


Why Strategy Matters: A Strategic Approach to Goal-Oriented Advertising

Wouldn't it be more impactful to formulate a strategy, set goals, and deliver targeted paid ads based on those goals? IMPACT thinks so. The approach involves moving away from a simple monthly spending limit and towards a goal-centric marketing strategy. In the world of paid advertising, where competitors are in constant motion, bids fluctuate, and attention is fleeting, having a strategic approach is the key to unlocking growth in key areas of your business.


The Daily Grind: Why Paid Advertising Requires Daily Maintenance

Whether you're engaging with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Bing, YouTube, or other web marketing platforms, one undeniable truth stands – paid advertising demands daily maintenance. The digital arena is fluid, with results varying based on ads, costs, and competitors. When partnering with IMPACT in the Mid-West, advertising isn't static; it's an ongoing, dynamic process. Daily tasks include creating and A/B split-testing display ads, refining ad copy, testing ad placements, strategically buying paid media, and continuously monitoring and adjusting based on real-time performance data to focus on what is working, and then refine it to be even better!


Challenges of Display Advertising

Display advertising online can be a double-edged sword. If not approached strategically, it can become a costly venture, draining budgets without delivering growth or profitability. IMPACT understands the pitfalls and challenges within paid search, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful, goal-oriented strategy to avoid wasted resources and missed opportunities.

Navigating the paid advertising landscape demands more than sporadic campaigns – it requires a consistent, goal-driven approach. IMPACT is your partner in this journey, offering guidance, strategy, and daily management to ensure your paid advertising efforts not only avoid pitfalls but propel your small business toward growth and profitability. Remember, if we weren't good at it, you wouldn't be here reading this! 😉

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